Walter H. McAninch- Contract Hardware Inc. President

Walter H. McAninch, DAHC
President 1963-1982
James D. Tuttle- Contract Hardware Inc. President

James D. Tuttle, AHC
Vice President 1963-1984
Stuart L. Owen- Contract Hardware Inc. President

Stuart L. Owen, AHC
Vice President 1963-1986

In 1962, the three top executives of Northwest Builders Hardware with a desire to start doing business in a unique way decided to leave and form their own company. The General Manager of Northwest Builders was Walter H. McAninch, DAHC who had also served as the President of the National Builders Hardware Association, Stuart L Owen, AHC was the Sales Manager, and James D. Tuttle, AHC was the Specialties Manager. Together, they formed Contract Hardware, Inc. and opened their doors in March of 1963.

The three envisioned a company that went well beyond simply supplying material to being a valued partner to end users, general contractors, and architects during the design and construction phases of the project. They developed one of the first professional hardware firms that specialized in finish hardware and provided technical specifications and coordination services. The expertise offered by Contract Hardware became well known and involved the company in many of the most prominent projects in Washington and Alaska, which grew their business nationwide and as far away as Hawaii and the Kwajalein Islands.

In 1982, Walt retired and turned the firm over to Leslie W. Cooley, AHC who had been with the company since January of 1964. Les continued the services started by the founders and built a team of professional consultants who would be involved with almost every major project in our market area.

Upon Les Cooley’s retirement in 1995, Dale P. Garrett, DAHC, FDHI became president of the company. Dale has served as the President of the International Door and Hardware Institute and President and Trustee of the Door Security and Safety Foundation. Dale has been with Contract Hardware since 1976, and today serves as our CEO, staying involved by writing specifications and providing consulting and educational services to the industry.

Aaron P. Garrett assumed the role of our president on July 1, 2015, and he continues to grow the company’s services. Aaron, along with Robert S. Rittierodt, Vice President of Design Build Services and Timothy Hickox, Vice President of Sales, lead a team of consultants and service personnel that remain committed to being the preeminent provider of goods and services in our marketplace. We look forward to working with you.

Contract Hardware Inc. Elliot Avenue
CEO Dale Garrett stands outside of our former Elliott Avenue location where we resided from 1992 until 2009.
Contract Hardware Inc. Aloha Street Location
Our original location on Aloha Street in Seattle shortly before we moved in 1992.
Contract Hardware Inc.- Warehouse
Our original location from 1963 until 1992 on Aloha Street with former Vice President Jim Tuttle’s station wagon getting ready to head out on a delivery.
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